Miguel Oliveira Photographer™

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Miguel Oliveira // Photographer

Was born in OPorto in 1991. Studied architecture, but soon realized that his passion was elsewere. Since then he's been photographing at 100% and developing many projects in that area. Currently he's a freelance photojournalist working for agencies such as Porto24P3 and Canal180. In 2013 he founded a a photography, design and video collective called Point And Shoot. In 2015 he created a new project Off The Record, that is a series of women portraits. He's also the mentor and photographer of the project Under the Skin.

Ricardo dos Santos aka Di Santis // Designer 
He is a multidisciplinary designer born in Portugal, created in Lisbon and currently lives and works in Porto. Passionate about Graphic Design, Fashion, Illustration and all processes involving communication techniques. Specialist in the execution and creation of Logos, Visual Identity, Graphic Design.

André Martins // Filmmaker

André was born in Porto and could not live in another place! He loves to travel around the world, but always return to his epicenter. The roots are very important to him that’s why he loves cinema – whatever the theme you talking about, you always express your references, your history, who you are. Cinema is for sure the biggest passion, but he also loves skating, a beer with friends, traveling as much as he can – but always with the camera on his shoulder. Get to know more about him and call him for a coffee!